About ToolsDx

and David Nicoletti

Dave Nicoletti, of Rochester, NY, is an engineer with over 35 years experience in designing and manufacturing electro-mechanical assemblies.  He graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology with a concentration in Computer Design.

The proverb “necessity is the mother of invention” was the genesis of Dave being the first to develop the LED leak light in the U.S. over 17 years ago under the brand name LeakLights.com.  He saw a need for a better and more durable leak light after continually repairing fluorescent lights, the industry standard at the time used by his wife’s band instrument repair business – Thomas Music Inc.  He designed and built the Digital Leak Tester several years ago after recognizing the need for a more compact, less expensive and easier-to-use tool that would allow more repair techs the ability to afford this diagnostic tool to improve their repairs.

Dave is recently retired which allows him more time to concentrate on his business of manufacturing leak lights and his Digital Leak Tester.  True to the nature of being an engineer, Dave is always looking for ways to help repair techs be more efficient and produce better results for their customers through improved tools that he designs and manufactures.