Photo taken at the Center for the Arts – University at Buffalo in David Sanborn’s dressing room while attending his concert he invited us to.

Frans Philippens using orange LED leak light.
Closeup of Frans Philippens using orange LED leak light in a flute.

Photos courtesy of Frans Philippens – Adams Music, Netherlands.

“This is an invaluable tool for me, I don’t go on the road without it!”
David Sanborn

“I love the new machine the lowered noise is music to my ears, and it’s even quiet enough you can hear when a pad is hissing from a leak! I also love my piccolo leak light. His work is helping me elevate mine that much more.”
Lee Hirschmann, The Band Shop

“I really love working with the lights! Best I’ve used in 19 years of fixin’!”
Mark Pyenta – Romulus, MI

“We`ve never been so happy before with a leak light! I love to work with it. I used it for general overhauls on saxes (kangaroo pads), flutes (w/ Straubinger pads), bass-, alto-, contra bass-and contra alto clarinets with all different kinds of leather. It works PERFECT on bassoons too! You should sell it to every pro shop! We bought 3 – one for each of our woodwind techs. You can`t believe how happy we are with these lights! They are so much better – now we can see EVERYTHING! They are super bright and we love the red color – much easier on our eyes.”
Frans Philippens, Adams Music – Netherlands

“Wow, I just tried out the new Thomas Music leak light. I totally love this light and find it INVALUABLE on all saxes, especially ones with black Roo pads. There is no leak light like it.”
Mike Nye -Tempe, AZ

“I have found the red orange light to be easier to pin point leaks when using it in a bright workspace since you can differentiate between the white of the ambient light and the red of the leak light much easier.. I don’t have to use a curtain and keep switching off the lights anymore.”
Gerry Evoniuk, Desert Winds Music Inc. – Arizona..

“I really wanted this light, because I had the same one at my last job
in North Carolina and loved it.”
Chris Humphrey , Band Repair Tech.

“Just a quick line to say how impressed I am with the leak detector. I’ve been using it for a while now and it’s absolutely invaluable – I can’t imagine being without it!”
Many thanks again, and all the best,
Mark Whittaker, United Kingdom